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Why Encompass House 

"Encompass House has enriched my life and made me want to be a better person"

My Story

Encompass house currently provides me with Support Coordination and home and community supports


I first came across Encompass House through word of mouth.  I like encompass house for their versatility, friendliness and helpfulness and they are always there when you need them whether it be day or night.


I would recommend other NDIS participants to join encompass house. Encompass House supports have helped me work towards my personal and NDIS goals.


What my days looks like , my support worker comes in at 7.30 in the morning, helps me make breakfast, prompts me to take my medication, pulls all blinds up to make the house brighter and helps me with my to do lists.

My support worker then helps me with my home-based goals and going out into society, she will help me sit outside to achieve freedom from my house (I have agoraphobia).


My support worker works closely with me to do my home exercises as prescribed by my exercise physiologist.


My support worker Helps me with my hobby business every week to help it grow and helps me with my supply and product inventory.

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