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Support Coordination 

What is Support Coordination ?

The role of a Support Coordinator is to guide participants and their families to understand, implement and reach their NDIS goals. A Support Coordinator will assist you to build strong relationships with service providers and your local community, to gain confidence and the skills required to live an independent life.

What a support Coordinator can help you with ?

A Support coordinator is a capacity building support provided by the NDIS, to assist you or your loved one in gaining the required knowledge to best navigate their plan. Support Coordinators at Encompass House support our participants to


·     Understand their NDIS plan.

·     Self-advocate  

·     Be an active member in their own community.


Collaboratively, we will work with you to help build confidence and the skills required to coordinate your support. We are here to help you and your loved ones achieve their goals.

Why use Encompass House?

Our coordinators are here to help guide you through navigating the world of access to the NDIS. We pride ourselves on providing support to suit your individual needs through honest, empathetic, and reliable support.

Encompass House works in partnership with people with a disability, their families and other service providers to coordinate a holistic person-centred journey.

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