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Home and community supports

What are home and community supports?

Home and community support is provided to our participants to engage in personal tasks of daily life, or social, economic and community participation.

These support categories can include assistance with or supervision from a support to attend to personal care tasks or gaining access into your community.

How can home and community supports help you ?

Engagement with a provider of home and community support may include assistance with personal activities such as self-care and household tasks, or accessing the community in social and recreational activities, both individually or within a group setting. These supports are provided uniquely to each individual and can be offered in a range of environments, including within the community or the participant’s own home.

Why use Encompass House?

Home and community support options provided by Encompass House are employed to enable our participants to live as autonomously as possible. Our supports will work with you to actively engage in day-to-day living the way you choose to. These support options take into consideration all aspects of our participants well-being as we understand and value the interaction between physical, emotional and mental well-being.  

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