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Recovery Coach

What is a Recovery Coach?

A Recovery Coach is a Support Coordinator who has experience within the field of mental health. This includes lived or learnt experience, along with a minimum of two years working within the mental health field. A Recovery Coach is there to help you build capacity and resilience through strong and respectful relationships to support those with psychosocial disability to live a full and contributing life.

How can they help you?

Your dedicated Recovery Coach will guide you to maintain engagement through periods of increased support needs due to episodic nature of mental illness. Similar to a support coordinator, your Recovery Coach will provide knowledge regarding your NDIS plan, how you can utilize the plan and link you in with menta health specific supports.

Why use Encompass House?

At Encompass House, our psychosocial recovery team are support coordinators with in-depth knowledge of mental health and how the NDIS can support those living with a psychosocial illness. Our team holds a diverse background of both lived and learnt experience. Whilst you will have a dedicated recovery coach, at Encompass House we believe in taking a collaborative approach. You will always have someone to talk to should you need.

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